Dance around the golden calf | Bible in tin

Tin figures 30 mm. Collection bellazinnfigur, drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Hans G. Lecke, painting Gabriele Engelmann, photo Dieter Beller, editor Wolfgang Hafer.

Was the high priest Aaron, the elder brother of Moses, the founder of the cultural-historical tin figure? 😉 In any case, when brother Moses had still not come down from the mountain, he had all the gold jewellery collected from the "wives, sons and daughters" of the Israelites, "drew a sketch with a stylus and then cast a calf". Doesn't that seem comparable to us pewter figure collectors? :-))

Over the centuries, the legend of the Golden Calf was embellished more and more and the calf, around which the people of the Israelites danced and celebrated, was depicted larger and larger. Originally, however, it was a small figure, as the depiction from Schedel's World Chronicle documents. Whether 30, 54 or 80 mm can probably no longer be determined 🙂 By the way, Aaron's little brother Moses didn't find all this funny at all. On his return, he smashed this "idol" and his tablets of law and had 3,000 people slain by his Levites.