Joachim Reußner - TREES IN tin

The best trees in tin are available from Joachim Reußner from Dresden. His extensive range is recommended for every collector. Oak trees, for example, are available as old oak, crooked oak, hollow oak, etc. Joachim Reußner also offers trees beautifully painted by him, often depicting two different seasons on the front and back.

Martin Andrä - Fairy tale in tin

Martin Andrä learned the craft of engraving at a young age. He has long been regarded by connoisseurs as one of the world's best masters of this craft. Martin is currently engraving my tin figure series "The Entombment of Faust" drawn by Sascha Lunyakov. I recommend a look at Martin's tin figure shop. There you can download the extensive catalogue as a PDF. I especially like his motifs on the theme of the history of the craft, which are very well known in the tin figure community.

In 2020, Martin Andrä was able to take over the well-known fairy tale figures from Historia Müller. There are 45 different themes with 74 figures. The figure "Donkey stretch" shown here was drawn by Ulrich Lehnart and engraved by Karl-Werner Rieger. https://www.Tin

Wolfgang Unger - Legendary Figures

My editor friend Wolfgang Unger from Leipzig is certainly one of the living legends of our community. As an adept of the master engraver Franz Karl Mohr, he was able to adopt his secret recipe for tin alloying and still casts with it today. I like his casts best of all. They do not shine kitschily but appear in a noble matt tone, which emphasises the engraving particularly beautifully. Wolfgang Unger owns some of the most famous Mohr moulds, such as the extensive series German Peasants' War or the Easter Walk after Goethe's Faust.

Download the catalogue of Wolfgang Unger as PDF here. You can order tin figures via this e-mail:

Over the decades, Wolfgang Unger has brought out many beautiful figures on civilian themes. He was the first to tackle the subject of Corona. The illustration shows the figure "Corona" engraved by Werner Otto and coloured by Reinhold Pfandzelter.



Leipzig-based illustration artist Sacha Lunyakov is one of the best active draughtsmen for tin figures. Sacha drew the figures of the Faust II paper money scene for me as a template for the engraving. The next series of the Faust II project will also be based on his drawings. As a visual artist, Sascha also paints, draws and sells graphics and paintings. One of his weaknesses is animals, which he stages artistically. You can view and purchase his artworks on the internet at



I recently became a member of the Association of British Tin Figure Friends and can only recommend this creative society. The link first takes you to a forum for which you can register. On the same page, somewhat hidden, you will also find clicks to other information. For example, there are insights into the quarterly publication of the society's own print JOURNAL, in which interesting figures are always presented.

The illustration shows the 2020 annual figure "St. George and the Dragon - Everything stops for tea", exclusively issued to members, drawn by Sascha Lunyakov, engraved by Daniel Lepeltier and set in colour by Nick Ball. Brilliant British humour in my opinion.


I recommend this very active public Facebook group to everyone. The currently 375 members of the group post new messages daily. Wonderful paintings by tin figure lovers from Mexico but also by collectors from all over the world are presented and commented on here. Mi Amigo José Mariá Bolio is a busy administrator who creates ingenious works of art in tin himself. José's painting instructions, with many illustrations, are also very instructive.

The goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility: Aglaya, Eufrosine and Talia. The 50 mm figures masterfully painted by José with oil colours. Engraver and publisher is B. Graft.

VFZ - Vereinigung Freie Zinnfigurensammler e. V.

This year I was allowed to join the VFZ, which I am very proud of. The VFZ is one of the most traditional associations of tin figure collectors. Its origins lie in Nuremberg-Fuerth and go back to 1952. At that time, the group consisted of seven founding members, including such legendary engravers as Ludwig Frank and Sixtus Maier. The monthly subscription at that time was 30 pfennigs. The VFZ publishes a great magazine every two months with beautiful photos of the figures painted by collector friends. There are extensive reports on newly published tin figures. Those interested can order the magazine and a "starter set" with a tin figure from Mr. Thomas Mummert More information on the homepage



In the beautiful historic half-timbered house in the middle of Schmalkalden, you can admire beautiful fully sculpted tin figures and magnificently designed dioramas from all epochs of human history. The medieval town of Schmalkalden in Thuringia is always worth a visit. I enjoy hiking in the surrounding area through the Thuringian Forest. In September 2021, the KLIO Tin Figure Exchange will be held in Schmalkalden.