Figure performance for the 250th anniversary of the Faust epic by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Man errs as long as he strives."

The blood pact between Faust and Mephisto. The work of Franz Karl Mohr is continued.

Franz Karl Mohr created around 100 figures in 30 millimeter format for the first part of the Faust tragedy, including the motifs that were later engraved by Werner Otto and Martin Andrä on the basis of his drawings. These figures are probably among the most legendary in the history of the tin figure. However, until now a key scene was missing, without which the entire epic cannot be understood. Now interested collectors can supplement their fist figures with this small scene drawn by Rainer Tschöpe, engraved by Martin Andrä and published by bellazinnfigur.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

Faust signs the contract with the diabolical Mephistopheles with his blood. Goethe says "Cheers" to the 250th anniversary of his parable of mankind. The small series of tin figures appears on the occasion of this event. It includes four figures.

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Faust epic, editor Dieter Beller presents a small series from the first part of the tragedy. This is the so-called blood pact scene, in which Faust commits himself to the devil and signs a contract with his blood. Similar to the story of Job in the Bible, in the chapter "Prologue in Heaven" God leaves Faust in the hands of Mephisto. The latter should confidently try to seduce the doctor on earth. But in the end, the restless one would find his way back into the bosom of the Lord. The dialogue between God and Mephisto is one of the most famous passages in Faust:

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

Faust and Mephistopheles in the study. At Mephistopheles' request, Doctor Faust signs the pact with his blood. Xylograph by Franz Xaver Simm from 1899.

As long as he lives on earth,
so long be it not forbidden unto thee.
Man errs as long as he strives.
Draw this spirit from its source,
And lead him, if thou canst grasp him,
On thy way down with thee,
And stand ashamed when thou must confess:
A good man, in his dark urge,
Is well aware of the right way.

From time to time I like to see the old man,
And take care not to break with him.
It is quite nice of a great lord
To speak so humanely with the devil himself.

With the blood pact in Faust's study, Mephisto then initiates his plan and plunges the restless Doctor Faust from one adventure into another. "Why Franz Karl Mohr never drew and engraved this key scene of the entire Faust tragedy is a mystery to me," says Beller. Without this scene, the entire Faust material would remain incomprehensible. This story runs like a thread through the extensive work, Beller sums up. In the funeral scene at the end of the tragedy, Mephisto's devilish accomplices fight with the heavenly hosts for Faust's soul. The devil would lose this battle at the end, and in the very last chapter the angels would float away in the mountain gorges with Faust's "immortal" (his soul). "Before Christmas, this "Ascension of Faust" will appear as another small supplementary series" promises Beller. The figures are already engraved, he says.
With the Faust II project, the young publisher Dieter Beller, under the brand name bellazinnfigur, has set himself the goal of continuing the work of Franz Karl Mohr with figures from the second part of the tragedy. Unfortunately, Mohr was no longer able to realize this project. Beller's plan to produce a series of figures for each of the five acts of the second part of Faust II is already in full swing. Engraved by none other than old master Werner Otto, the so-called "paper money scene" was published as the first series. Cunningly, Mephisto and Faust persuade the emperor to print paper money to lead the impoverished empire out of the crisis. In the meantime, the series "The Entombment of Faust" engraved by Martin Andrä and the "Classic Walpurgis Night" have also been published. With the latter series, Regina Sonntag joins the illustrious circle of the Faust project. As a skilled engraver, she has long been active in the master ranks of this craft. "I am really very proud that some of the world's best engravers are supporting me in my challenging project," says Dieter Beller. Marin Andrä is currently engraving another major scene from the third act of Faust II, in which Faust, immortally in love, meets Helena, the most beautiful woman in antiquity, in the guise of a romantic knight. "This new series is sure to create a stir among collectors with its very erotic motifs," smiles Beller.

First scene: The airmen

As a small encore, Master Goethe joins the scene with the Blood Pact. The drawing of Goethe by Rainer Tschöpe was created after a motif by the German graphic artist Fritz Kredel, who died in New York in 1973. Rainer Tschöpe combines here in a collage the well-known drawing of Faust by Franz Karl Mohr with the new figure of his creator Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. They toast each other on the 250th anniversary of the Faust epic. The Faust figure shown here, still drawn by Franz Karl Mohr and engraved long ago by Martin Andrä, belongs to the well-known Faust supplementary figures These are fortunately recently available again from Kirsten Howey from Burg near Magdeburg.

Second Scene: Mephisto with the Lamias

The four small tin figures finely engraved by Martin Andrä.

The two postcards with the miniature painting by Philippe Fourquet are part of the package. The quoted passage from Goethe's Faust comes from the scene Easter Walk. The figure Faust with the wine goblet is not part of the set.


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PDF Booklet Faust Blood Pact


PDF Booklet Faust's Blood Pact


Image: The blood pact Goethe, Faust and Mephisto in Faust's study. Miniature painting by Werner Otto (high resolution 300 dpi)


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