The project Faust II by bellazinnfigur

Dieter Beller at the presentation of the Faust II project at the Mückenschlösschen in Leipzig

On Easter Saturday 2022 Dieter Beller presented his project Faust II in Leipzig. Despite the holidays, many pewter figure friends from Leipzig and also from further afield came to the collectors' meeting in the beautiful Mückenschlösschen at the Rosental. The publishing legend Wolfgang Unger and the Leipzig artist Sascha Lunyakov, who designs the illustrations of the Faust II project, were also present.

The new publisher Beller announced that in the next few years, under the brand name bellazinnfigur, a series with about 15 to 20 figures in 30 mm size will be published for each of the five acts of the second part of Goethe's tragedy. Dieter Beller presented the series already produced and gave an outlook on future plans. A premiere was celebrated with the presentation of the Grablegungsszene, which was presented to the public for the first time on this day.

The ambitious mission of the still young editor is to continue the important work of Franz Karl Mohr. Mohr is known to have created around 100 characters for the first part of the Faust tragedy. With the Faust II project, further themes of the most important German epic will now appear in tin . The figures will be combinable with Franz Karl Mohr's motifs. This is ensured, among others, by the master engravers Werner Otto and Martin Andrä, who have already engraved Faust I figures based on Mohr drawings and who, as excellent connoisseurs, have now engraved the first two Faust II series, Faust's Entombment and the so-called paper money scene. The Mohr adept Wolfgang Unger also provided advice. In a third series, motifs from the act Classical Walpurgis Night will appear before the end of this year. In addition, Werner Otto is already engraving the small scene Laboratorium, in which Professor Wagner creates the artificial human Homunculus.

According to Beller, the theme of Faust II would offer everything that makes up the world of small characters: civilian figures such as craftsmen, professors and market women, also angels, devils and witches, emperors and commanders, Greek mythology, love, war and peace, life and death, mythical creatures such as the homunculus, eagles, elephants and fiery winged steeds, pageantry, hell dragons or glory in the firmament. Just as Goethe would have had his director announce in the "Vorspiel auf dem Theater" in dialogue with the theater poet and the Merry Person.

Enough words have been exchanged,
Let me also at last see deeds;
While you make compliments
Something useful may happen.
Therefore spare me this day
Prospecs not and not machines.
Use the great and small light of heaven,
The stars you may waste;
Water, fire, rocky walls,
Animals and birds are not lacking.
So stride in the narrow board house
The whole circle of creation
And walks with contemplative speed
From heaven through the world to hell.

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