Figure presentation: In the laboratory of Professor Wagner

"A person is made."

We find ourselves in a medieval laboratory with all kinds of apparatus "for fantastic purposes," glasses, vials, pots, a stove, shelves, books, and medieval laboratory furniture. Wagner, who in the meantime has advanced to the status of a learned professor and whom we already know from Faust I, stands bent over a large glass vial. Protectively, he shields his hands around the vial, which contains a small artificial human being he has created, the homunculus. Mephistopheles has stepped in. Faust lies prostrate on the bed behind an open door. He is still unconscious from the smoke explosion at the end of the first act, when he tried in vain to wrest the ghostly form of Helena from Paris on the theater stage of the imperial knights' hall.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

The new little Faust scene by bellazinnfigur takes place in Professor Wagner's laboratory. Mephistopheles is present at the creation of the artificial human Homunculus. Faust lies unconscious in the next room. Color composition and miniature painting Reinhold Pfandzelter.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

The drawings of the five characters by Leipzig illustration artist Sascha Lunyakov.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

The engravings of the five figures by old master engraver Werner Otto.

The beautiful postcard with miniature painting by Philipp Fourquet is part of the set.


Package Faust II The Classic Walpurgis Night 13 tin figures in 30 mm, 4 postcards, booklet

Package Tin figure set Faust II:
In the laboratory "A human being is made."
5 Tin figures unpainted in 30 mm, 1 postcard, booklet.

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PDF Booklet In the Laboratory "A human being is made."


PDF Booklet In the laboratory "A human being is made."


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