Goethe Society reports on bellazinnfigur

The newsletter of the Goethe Society is published in over 40 countries. Now it has reported in detail about the Faust II project by bellazinnfigur.

Reading sample: In the unfathomable expanses of the Internet, one often comes across small treasures, stories and fates that would easily be lost in the everyday media and political hubbub, were it not for enthusiasts who cultivate and promote their hobbies with great love. Dieter Beller has chosen two hobbies at once - two souls apparently live in his chest - which he knows how to combine splendidly: his love of literature, especially Goethe and his "Faust", and at the same time his weakness for artistically designed and painted Tin figures. Dieter Beller himself describes how this development came about.


PDF Newsletter of the Goethe Society reports on bellazinnfigur


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