Figure announcement

The Goethe Faust II Project

The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

Three figures from the paper money scene masterfully set in colour by Philippe Fourquet

In the next few years, a total of five series in 30 mm size on the theme of "Faust - The Second Part of Tragedy" will appear under the brand name bellazinnfigur. The figures will be combinable with the well-known Faust I motifs by Franz Karl Mohr. The master engravers Werner Otto and Martin Andrä, who have already engraved Faust I figures after Mohr's drawings, will, as excellent connoisseurs of these figures, engrave the first two Faust II series, Faust's Entombment and the so-called paper money scene. In a third series, motifs from the act Classical Walpurgis Night will appear. Regina Sonntag has already begun the engraving work.

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