The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

The tin figure in the colour version by the miniature painter Martin Lother

Tin figure "The Papyrus of the Göltzsch". Display case figure in 54 mm size. Idea Udo Hollbach, drawing Sascha Lunyakov, engraving Regina Sonntag, painting Martin Lother, photography Julia Steinhage, publisher bellazinnfigur. Limited edition 400 copies, not for sale.

Together with my friend Udo Hollbach, managing director of the Koehler paper factory in Greiz in the beautiful Vogtland region on the Göltzsch river, the idea was born out of shared enthusiasm (over a bottle of red wine) to present a beautiful tin figure in high-quality paper packaging and to combine both crafts.

The paper mill in Greiz produces cardboard and paper exclusively from recycled material. It is the only paper mill of its kind in Europe. All products are certified with the Blue Angel. Also Tin figures are natural products and recyclable. Our plan was to initiate a non-profit project as a plea for sustainability, sensual media and the beautiful crafts. The concept of the PAPYRER VON DER GÖLTZSCH was born.

The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

The drawing of the illustration artist Sascha Lunyakov

Description of the tin figure

The exclusive flat tin figure engraved on both sides in showcase format 54 mm eye height shows a paper scoop at the end of the 16th century at his vat. A mill, the logo of the Koehler Paper Group, is set into the vat in the form of an inlay. The signet of Euler ColorTech Paper is applied as a watermark outline on two scoop screens.

The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

Master engraver Regina Sonntag engraved Sascha's drawing in slate and made the casts for the box, which is limited to 400 copies.

The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

The opened box with the tin figure in front of the background watercolour by Sascha Lunyakov showing a paper mill at the end of the 16th century.


The Papyrus from the Göltzsch

We were inspired by the verses of the poet Hans Sachs published in the Ständebuch by Jost Amman Domini 1568.

The official project description

On the initiative of Papierfabrik Koehler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG, in cooperation with the Nuremberg packaging manufacturer Rissmann GmbH, Druckpartner GmbH from Essen and the tin figure publisher bellazinnfigur, a high-quality, luxurious cardboard packaging, in the form of a box, is being released with a cultural-historical tin figure.

The tin figure engraved in slate by the master engraver Regina Sonntag depicts a paper creator at the end of thesixteenthcentury at his vat, the PAPYRER VON DER GÖLTZSCH. In the background, a watercolour diorama by the Leipzig artist Sascha Lunyakov shows a historic paper workshop. High-quality paper has been made on the Göltzsch in the Vogtland for over 400 years.

The box contains an informative and high-quality printed booklet and a postcard depicting the tin figure artistically painted by the well-known miniature painter Martin Lother.

All elements of the box were made from one hundred percent recycled paper and cardboard from Euler ColorTech Paper and printed in a climate-neutral way. The box is certified by various national and international institutions, such as the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, the European Commission or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The project will include a campaign with events at craft, international brand, media and art locations.

The cardboard box is limited and will not be sold. It stands as a reference to the beautiful crafts, sustainability and sensual media. The two crafts, papermaking and the creation of cultural-historical Tin figures are united. The box impressively demonstrates that recycled papers and cartons meet the highest standards of elegance and quality and are enormously sustainable.

The project is a message for high artistry, for responsible creation, for a return to the senses and for the sustainable use of our environmental resources.

Extensive information on the project is available on the homepage


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PDF Booklet The Papyrus of the Göltzsch (German)


PDF Booklet The Papyrus of the Göltzsch (English)


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