Figure presentation Faust II - Supplementary figures for the burial of Faust

Faust's Ascension
in the mountain gorges

In the previously published series "Faust's Entombment", the heavenly hosts triumphed over Mephisto's devilish accomplices and saved Faust's soul from the Hellmouth. Now the angels have raptured his immortal into a mythical landscape and carry it up to heaven. Mephisto rages because a great single treasure has been whistled away from him. Among the penitents who attend the scene, besides the great sinner Mary Magdalene, there is also Gretchen, who repents her infanticide and will follow her lover Faust. We see here the very last act of the Faust epic by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

The Ascension scene in the mountain gorges. Composition miniature painting by Reinhold Pfandzelter.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

The group of angels colored designed by miniature painter Philippe Fourquet.

bellazinn figure Faust II The classic Walpurgis Night

The illustrations by the Leipzig artist Sascha Lunyakov. 01 Mary Magdalene and two other penitents, 02 Rock, 03 Mephistopheles angry, 04 Group of angels with Faust's soul floating towards heaven.

The beautiful postcard is part of the set.


Package Faust II The Classic Walpurgis Night 13 tin figures in 30 mm, 4 postcards, booklet

Package Tin figure set Faust II:
Faust's ascension into the mountain gorges.
4 Tin figures unpainted in 30 mm, postcard, booklet

Supplementary figures for the burial of Faust

The set, packed in a high-quality cardboard box, includes four unpainted Tin figures in 30 mm size engraved by Regina Sonntag, a beautiful postcard as a painting template and an informative 4-page booklet with many illustrations.

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PDF Booklet Faust Ascension


PDF Booklet Faust's Ascension


PDF figure performance Faust's Ascension


PDF Figure Presentation Faust's Ascension


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